Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing is very effective for educators, and their students as well.  As educators we must follow the proper guidelines to effectively edit our peers. There are 3 steps to peer editing. Step 1, give compliments to the writer. Discuss the positive of the paper. Step 2, give suggestions to the writer. Discuss the word choice, details, organization, sentences, and topic. Stay positive. Step 3, make corrections. Correct punctuation, grammar, sentences, and spelling. Remain positive as usual. 

Why is it important to provide meaningful feedback? 

It is important because we are educators and we need to be great writers in order to be successful as teachers. We will be required to write, grade, and edit our students' work. We need to learn from our peers because they are the same age(s) as we are. We help each other learn from our mistakes and correct them. With no feedback, then how would we know if the assignment meets the standards? It teaches us to care about others work, pay attention, stay positive, and be able to take feedback, and not get discouraged about our work. It teaches us not to be like Mean Margaret, who doesn't use kind words when giving feedback, Picky Patty, who is very negative, and Whatever William, who clearly doesn't care about his work or grade. It's good to have a learning community!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blog Post #2

                                                        Mr. Dancealot

This video proves how important it is for educators to use different styles of learning, auditory, visual, and tactile. Mr. Dancealot demonstrates the use of auditory, and visual, but he does not allow the students to use the “hands on” method. “Hands on” learning in very important because it allows students to memorize the material better by allowing the students to physically active in the classroom. Movement such as, skits and role-play help students avoid distracting others as well. In other words, it is very important for teachers to let students interact when teaching a subject like dance so that they can be able to understand and demonstrate the skills properly. Students learn best by doing.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

The students show us that Vicki Davis has taught them to experience and learn about trends. They have become students with a new perspective. No pencil, and no paper is needed in her class because, as stated by Vicki, only certain types of children will succeed with paper and pencil. With computer based learning every child will succeed, and every child will learn to use the technology. Information technology has grown so much in today’s society, and it is simply computer based learning. With computer based learning, students like Vicki’s class will be able to learn how to blog, post research, connect to the web and share ideas. It also allows them to meet new people, and learn many things like definitions to words that they never used or heard before. Technology is very essential for all present and future educators and students.  

                                                        The Networked Student

  The student uses many resources to create a knowledge base that will help him expand his knowledge of American Psychology far beyond textbooks. The supportive teacher will be available for guidance, to show the student how to take advantage of learning opportunities, how to communicate properly and ask for help from other students or instructors, respectfully. This network of other students will widen the students diversity of the subject. The student then researches his topic and creates a blog. Itunes can also be an useful tool when researching because it contains informative podcast. In this blog other students may comment leaving their opinions and knowledge. These useful ways of technology has helped the student broaden his knowledge of American Psychology. These skills are the future of the 21st century for students to utilize learning, navigate the future, and solve the world’s problems.


Monday, August 26, 2013

If I Built A School

The thing about me is that I am very athletic, even now, and I absolutely love colors and quotes! Every day I look for a quote of the day to start my day off. That's my motivation. If I built a school, it would be very different! Some of my favorite quotes from Mr. Wooden would exist in the hallways of my school. The basketball team would know them by heart eventually because I'd coach them. "Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts."-John Wooden

My school would be very colorful, and on every wall, in every hall way, would lie a quote. The classrooms would even be colored, with a quote covering the wall. All of the teachers at the school would be required to know the quote by heart. My periods would consist of a core class followed by an elective. 6 classes per day, including the mandatory electives. Our school shirts would have quotes printed on them, in different colors per grade level. Security would be enforced everyday, all day. We'd have outreach programs for the students, and the community. Team work is definitely important. I would hire a certain number of male and female teachers to keep it even. Every student would be required to choose his/her elective. The choices are sports, all sports that is-no exceptions!

I would prefer to coach basketball and softball at my school. Everyday I'd choose a student to decide on lunch for that day. Every week we'd have a project due, whether it be research, show and tell, quote day, etc. Every student would be treated the same. Special education would be enforced. Fridays would be meet a new student day and interact. I would value my students education, and ensure that we have fun together.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Post #2

Did you know 3.0

Mr. Fisch's arguement was that we live in exponential times, and I agree and I don't have a problem with it. But I feel as though we are handicapping ourselves with the technology today simply because we're lazy now. We don't write note in class, we type, we don't fill out job applications, we email our resume, we potential jobs instead of approaching the manager, we browse the internet, google in particular for all the answer to our questions. We shop online, bid, and advertise.
The world is brillant. New opportunities are developing, with every innovation. And social media is one. I had the pleasure of reading Wayne Kurtzman's article: "We live in Exponential Times." And in his article he basically states that social media is gorilla in the room of innovation. People do what they want to do, and are where they want to be. That's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Myspace. That's how we communicate with people worldwide, date, marry, due business, find jobs, etc.

Mr. Fisch argues about the changes in technology like google searches. In 2006, there were 2.7 billion searches, now there are 31 billion google searches every month. We are so dependent on computers, phones, tablets, ipods, and ipads. I'm guilty myself, but that's just the way it is. He also says, 25% of Indians are K-12 honors, and they have the highest IQ numbers; they outnumbered the entire U.S. population. I think it's because the learn fast, they're very confident, education is very important to them, some study abroad and learn even more, and they're a big population, so anything is possible for them. I'm not mad, education is the key to success.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Winkle discusses the changes that occured while he was asleep for years. And it in he discusses in particular the use of computers, and machines. Computers in society today store data, worldwide communication, and precise control over mechanical operations. There are a millions uses to which computers are applied, and more are probably added daily. They are our pride and joy!

He also talks about the schools being the same and the hospitals changes. Well I agree because the schools look better today but they have miminal changes. Like, smart boards, instead of walking on chalk boards, projectors, and the school website. We still use desks and/or seats, and some instructors require that you do not use computers. The hosptials have more advanced ways of detecting sicknesses, diseases, fractures, tore muscles/ligaments, etc. The have different tests; mris, catscans, xrays, ekg, the lists go on and on.

Sir Ken Robinson   

In Sir Ken's video he explains creativity, and how it's very important in education, so we should treat it like literacy with the same status. It needs to be cultivated. Because we have no idea of how things will play out in the world. We should be interested in education, while being creative. But nonetheless we are educating people out of their creativity. Dance is just as important as mathematics.

He states, "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." In schools and on the job, we target being wrong when we shoudn't. We have our kids frightened of it. He refers to Shakespeare's quote, "All kids are born artists." I agree with Sir Ken. We need to make mistakes to learn and better ourselves. Education is very important today, and it will be even more important in the future. We need to rethink our intelligence. It's dynamic.


It seems pretty interesting to me. Another social website for educators to explore new things. Very creatively. I think I will not use this website for my students. I can just explore it and find out things for other subjects but not for physical education. It's a pretty simple class, but I already have tons of ideas without referring to this website. I can possibly communicate with others and express ideas that I have myself. And give suggestions to them.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Post #1

<b>About Me</b><br/>
Hi, I'm Erica Tripp and I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and I still live with my mom, my dad has remarried, and I have two older sisters who live in Georgia. My major is Physical education, and after graduating from college I plan to become a softball coach, preferably on the high school or college level. I've been athletic majority of my life and I still am today, outside of school. On the other hand, I'm an umpire for AHSAA in fastpitch softball, volleyball, and track. I love being competitive, getting dirty, working out, coaching, and teaching others the game of softball. In fact, I wish I still had eligibility left in college.
This is my second semester at USA but I am classified as a junior because I transfered here from another school. From 2006-07 I attended Bishop State Community College, on a athletic scholarship but after our softball program vanished because of financial fraud with the faculty and staff I was forced to leave. And from the fall of 2007-09 I attended Alabama State University College. While there, I continued my career as a sotfball player but I was only given a partial scholarship and I had to live in a dorm. I counldn't take anymore of that school after the fall of 2009. I hated the softball program, hated the dorms becaused I felt like I was in prison, I was broke all the time and far enough from home, but I loved my job as a summer counselor and my grades were pretty good, for me to undergo so much stress. Now I'm here and I plan to graduate from here in the Spring of 2014!

As a P.E. teacher/coach I figure that I will have to teach a Health class as well. So I will have to teach my students about injuries: preventing them, seeking proper care, overuse injuries, dos/don't, nutritition: essential nutirents, and nonessential, what's healthy for the body, sex: safe sex, abstinence, sti's, relationships: trust, committment, abuse, neglect, and friendships: loyal, and self-efficacy. The tools that I'll need our health lecture books, tv, dvd, and paper when we have tests and/or quizzes. They will learn by the materials that are needed and my lectures. I will make a power point of each chapter and we will discuss them in class. One project will be given at the end.
For basketball, softball, flag football, volleyball, kick ball and swimming all my students are required to participate unless they have a written note from a physican or the principal only. We will dress out daily in our t-shirt and gym shorts with the school logo emprinted on them. The uniforms must be purchased and worn everyday in order to pass my class. No execeptions! Some days we will be inside and others outside depending upon the weather. No more than 4 unexcused absences are tolerated. The tools needed for the sports will be a basketbal, football, kick ball, softball, and a swimming pool, and swimming clothes.
For square dancing, dressing out will be optional but dancing is mandatory. Partners will be selected by myself; everyday it will be a different person. You are required to communicate with your partner while dancing. Square dancing is worth half of your grade. The tools we will need is just the music. I will provide it.
At the end of the course we will have an exam, on everything that we did in this course. Each student will be required to list each sport that we did, the requirements, dos/don't of that sport, and how they benfited from them. For sqaure dancing, just list the techniques. This will be worth 25% of their grade. I expect my students to learn how to be physically active for life, be confident, motivated, competitive, and most importantly have fun!

<b>Randy Paush</b><br/>
Dr. Paush video discussed money, goals, time, bosses, stress, and procrastinating. All of which are very important to me, some I need help with. Stress, money, and procrastinating are my toughest to deal with. He talked about us as Americans being good with our money but bad with time management. We waist a lot of time. I can relate. We learn a lot when things go bad.
With goals, he said that we often as the question why. But we have to think about planning and making them priorities. He said plan at levels. Plan each day, each week, and each month. It's important to have a to do list as well. Break down things and do the uglyiest thing first. We must have experience. We can't fake the experience either.

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